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Upclose with Artist Cédric Reynaud of Brussels Bistro

16 Jan

Upclose with Artist Cédric Reynaud of Brussels Bistro

For the remodeling project of Brussels Bistro, owners Thomas Crijns and Nicolas Servais commissioned artist Cédric Reynaud to help with the redesign of the new Brussels Bistro in Laguna Beach. The re-launch of the new Belgian restaurant left customers in awe as amazing chalk art designs filled the new walls of Brussels Bistro. Each drawing captured the unique foods, beers, culture, and funny memes of Belgium. Upon visiting the new Belgian bistro, you will be captured at the artistic chalk art from the menu to the walls to the fabulous sketches on the new website. Nicolas and Thomas flew Cédric in from France for several days to complete the project as the floors were being refinished and the new tables and benches were brought in. Amidst all the remodeling craziness, Cédric produced amazing mural art designs in almost every corner of the restaurant.

save water, drink beer at Brussels Bistro

Remember to save water & drink beer

Here’s an upclose look at Cédric Reynaud, artist and designer of Belgian origin,  diploma of Fine Arts. Cédric currently works in France as a Professor of Visual Arts, and also intervenes on projects of art, graphic and pictorial.

Brussels Bistro chalk art logo

Cedric works on the new logo


The BB, art as a common project:

As a starting point for his work at Brussels Bistro, Cédric Reynaud tried to draw a parallel between Laguna Beach which is a city known for its arts festivals and the surrealist art movement.

Indeed the Belgium, from a geographical point of view, is central in the heart of Europe. Multicultural, she was always a ground conducive to the home of many artists and artistic creation: cradle of Flemish painting, place of painters surrealist and conceptual development.

La Vie est Belge at Brussels Bistro

La Vie est Belge!

What inspires you?

Cédric was so inspired by artists famous Belgians like Paul Delvaux, Hergé, and especially the enigmatic René Magritte, with a direct evocation of its characters to hats, and his recurring motifs such as clouds and curtains…

Like on the drawings present in the renovated space, “The Brussels Bistro” carries us such Crystal held by the hand ball and allows us a moment to cross continents to find ourselves in a moment of conviviality around a plate of mussels and beer, as is the practice on the Grand Place in Brussels.

On all interior walls, it is a representation poetic, playful and offbeat life open to the eyes of the customers, it also leaves much room to humor and good humor that characterizes the Belgian spirit!

Brussels Bistro owner takes Selfie with new chalk art designs

Selfie with owner Thomas Crijns

Relax at Brussels Bistro in Laguna Beach

The creative signs of Belgium beer by artist Cedric Renaud for Brussels Bistro

If you are interested in following Cedric’s amazing work…follow him on Instagram: @cdric.reynaud

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