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Authentic Belgian Cuisine
Appetizer menu


Kumai – very fresh” organic” oyster with briny finish   $3/pc or $16 1/2 dozen
Buckley Bay –  the taste is a bit salty with a melon finish $3/pc or $16 1/2 dozen
Reach Island – they are plump meats with a brininess and sweet taste $3/pc or $16 1/2 dozen
Kumamoto – salty, sweet flavor  $4/pc or $20 1/2 dozen
Kusshi – Japanese for “precious” ultra-clean flavor $4/pc or $20 1/2 dozen
Fanny Bay – Firm meats, a mild brininess with a pronounced cucumber finish $4/pc or $20 1/2 dozen


Cream of Asparagus Soup $8
Mushroom Soup $12
Selection of European Cheese $15
Imported Sliced Meats & Cheese $21
Small Cheese Croquettes (5 pcs)  $13
Small North Sea Shrimp Croquettes 5 pcs $15
Small Croquettes Degustation 3 of each kind $16
Escargot served with herb garlic butter $14
Large shrimp sauteed in herb garlic butter $16
Bacon wrapped brie $14
Octopus Carpaccio $14

Belgian Fries

Portion of Belgian Fries with a duo of homemade sauces $8
Portion of Belgian Fries tasting $8
Sauces: Samourai, Andalouse, curry Ketchup, tartare, barbecue, truffle, garlic, cocktail, mayonnaise, ketchup $0 .50


Portion of Belgian Fries  $4
Steamed vegetables  $7
Mixed salad  $5
healthy corner at Brussels bistro

Healthy Corner

Tomato & Mozzarella Salad   $9/half or $16/full
Belgian endive salad with gouda cheese and ham $8/pc or $14/full
Mediterranean Quinoa with quinoa, olives, tomato, zuchinni, capers, sundried tomato   $18
Beet salad with carrots, goat cheese and beets capuccino $18
Quinoto with quinoa, broccoli, zucchini, sprouts, parmesan cheese, almond butter $18
Veggie balls with carrot, coconut sauce, steamed vegetables $18
Armando’s salad with black beans, tomato, avocado $8 sm $14 full
Add shrimps $7
Add chicken $5
Add veggie balls $4
Mussels & Fries at Brussels Bistro

Mussels & Fries

Small pot of Mussels $14
Large pot of Mussels with Belgian fries $28

Choose your favorite flavor

Nature: celery, onions, butter  $14 small,  $28 large
Marinere: Nature + white wine & garlic   $15 small,  $29 large
Garlic: Nature + cream & garlic  $16 small,  $31 large
Blue Cheese: Nature + cream  $18 small,  $34 large
Curry: Nature + cream & curry $17, $32 large
Hoegaarden: Nature + cream & beer $18, $33 large
Provencale: Nature +  tomatoes, basil & pastis $16, $32
Brussels Best Menu at Brussels Bistro

Brussels’s Best

Beef Stew in Leffe beer with vegetables $25
Beef and Pork meatballs Liege style with Belgian fries $21
Creamy chicken over mushroom stew over puff pastry with Belgian fries  $24 
Roasted half chicken braised with Maredsous beer with Belgian fries   $22 
Beef Bourguignon with fettucine  $25
Entree menu at Brussels Bistro

Main Entrees

Pork shank with mustard sauce and belgian fries $29
Hanger steak with red wine shallot sauce and belgian fries $28
Grilled beef pave, belgian fries, one sauce of your choice $25
(sauces: herb garlic butter, green peppercorn, bernaise, grain mustard)
Fresh ground raw beef mixed with traditional condiments and Belgian fries $16
10 ounce gruyere burger, onions, lettuce and Belgian fries $16
Warm string beans, bacon, potatoes, onions, and white vinegar sauce $16




Dover sole sauteed in lemon brown butter/potatoes and vegetables  $49 
Fresh trout with almond $24
Seafood Gratin (scallops, North sea shrimps, sea bass, salmon, shrimps) $28
Roasted Salmon with sundried tomatoes, pesto and Belgian stoemp $26




Belgian style macaroni with gruyere cheese and ham $16
Spaghetti bolognese $16
Spaghetti cabonara $16
Vegetables lasagna $16


Dessert Menu at Brussels Bistro



Belgian Chocolate Mousse $7
Vanilla Ice Cream with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream$10
Warm thin apple tart with custard & vanilla ice cream $10
Belgian chocolate lava cake with cream anglaise  $10
Warm sugar tart served with coffee ice cream $8
Crepes with Belgian chocolate, vanilla ice cream  & whipped cream $9
Flambe crepes with orange liquor & vanilla ice cream $12


Belgian Waffles

BRUSSELS’S WAFFLE  (served with powdered sugar, butter, nutella, jam and maple syrup) $6.00
CHANTILLY WAFFLE  (whipped cream)  $8.00
MIKADO WAFFLE (ice cream and hot chocolate) $9.00
STRAWBERRY WAFFLE (strawberries and whipped cream) $9.00
BANANA WAFFLE  (banana, hot chocolate, whipped cream) $9.00


Side of chocolate ………………………$3.00
Scoop of ice cream………………………$2.00
Side of strawberries…………………….$4.00