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Cheers for Lindemans Beer

lindemans beer
15 Feb

Cheers for Lindemans Beer

Brussels Bistro kicks off our Cheers for Beers event on Thursday, February 23 with Lindemans Beer from Belgium. We are so delighted to share a bit of Belgium beer history, beer flavors, and suggested food pairings at Brussels Bistro during this special event. We have invited a special guest from Merchant Du Vin to answer any questions about the Lindemans Beer from 6-9 PM. Please join us and celebrate Belgium Beer. As a gift, every guest will receive a FREE souvenir Lindemans beer glass with their Lindemans beer purchase. We hope you will enjoy the event and share with your friends.

Watch this short video about Lindemans Beer (not in English but still cool to watch) :

Since 1822, six generations of the Lindemans family have crafted authentic lambics of exquisite taste and complexity in the Pajottenland region, southwest of Brussels. Lambics are among the world’s rarest and most mysterious beers: they are the only beers fermented via wild, airborne yeast. The unusual and unique flavors that come from spontaneous fermentation are unmatched in the world of beer.

A little history about Lindemans Beer:

  • The commercial brewing started in 1822 in the Southwest of Brussels, in the quiet Belgian town of Vlezenbeek.
  • Lambic, or spontaneously fermented beers, are the beers of this region and are among the world’s rarest: they are the only beers fermented via wild, airborne yeast – no yeast is added by the brewers.
  • The unusual, demanding, and unique flavors that come from multiple yeast strains are unmatched in the world of beer.
  • Merchant du Vin introduced Lindemans lambics to the United States in 1979, making them the first lambics marketed in U. S. history. To this day, they are the best selling brand in the category.

Lindemans - Home of Belgium Beer

Different Flavors of Lindemans:

  • The romantic, mysterious, wild-fermented wheat beers of Belgium’s Flanders are among the world’s rarest beers.
  • Lambic is unique in that the brewing process often takes several years.
  • Artisanal lambic breweries such as Lindemans, make their fruit beers by blending the lambic and fresh fruit or fresh fruit juice before bottling producing Kriek (cherry), Framboise (raspberry), Pêche (peach), and Pomme (apple).

Lindemans Beer Making

Upcoming Cheers for Beers Event Dates:

02.23 – Lindemans

03.30 – Orval

04.27 – Rochefort

05.25 – Westmalle




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