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Belgians Celebrate Valentines for Lovers

Valentines Day at Brussels Bistro
4 Feb

Belgians Celebrate Valentines for Lovers

Love is in the air on Valentines but not for everyone. Belgians celebrate Valentines a little differently. In America, it seems like everyone is getting a Valentine’s card. Teachers, co-workers, friends, and family members get valentine surprises with flowers, chocolate treats and at school, children hand out valentine cards for fun.

In Belgium, Valentines Day is for lovers.  Make sure the only person you are attentive to on that day is your lover or, at least, someone you want to seduce…Otherwise you might get a bad surprise and find yourself with twenty different people thinking that you’re trying to hit on them!

If you plan on taking your wife, girlfriend, or lover for a romantic dinner – make your reservation early at Brussels Bistro on or here at RESERVATIONS

We suggest starting with our amazing appetizers as our Escargots in garlic butter sauce or our delicious North Sea Shrimp Croquettes. Then perhaps enjoy a selection from our Mussels menu with authentic Belgian fries. We also have our slow cooked traditional Brussels Best dishes like Beef Bourguignon with fettuccine or perhaps our Belgian pork and beef meatballs Liege style. Of course,  there’s plenty of great pasta dishes and specials of the night on our famous chef’s choice chalkboard. Ask our waiter for the best Belgian beer pairing. Finish the romantic meal with our Crepe flambe or if you in the mood, our Belgian chocolate mousse.

All couples receive a long stem rose during their meal for Valentines. A Bien Tot!


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